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Dragon Coworking

Dragon Coworking is a coworking space based in between the historical towns of Rochester and Chatham. The space provides city workers, freelancers, agile workers, business owners and many more individuals the opportunity to work independently and comfortably in a fully functional space with close commuting links.

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Dragon Coworking
Dragon Coworking
Dragon Coworking

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Dragon Coworking

Brand building on social

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Summary of services

Dragon Coworking is a long standing client of ours who we continue to work with to help expand their brand presence, advertise their services and encourage leads through their social media accounts.

Over the past year and a half, we have increased the Dragon Coworking brand presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, generated up to 30% more business for Roland and continue to produce positive engagement and presence across the social media accounts. 

client request

- To build the Dragon Coworking brand on social media

- To advertise services

- To advertise the Dragon Coworking’s day to day activities and events

- To advertise the benefits of coworking at Dragon Coworking

results generated

- On Facebook, we saw a 8772.73% increase in page likes, from 11 likes to 979 (+969).

- On Instagram, an increase of 209.09%, from 396 to 1224 followers (+828)

- On Twitter, an increase of 29.61%, from 2327 to 3016 (+689). 

- For the launch of the new ‘Dragon Temple’ space, we generated 4,979 impressions, 1,682 reach and 433 engagement for one video posted across all three platforms organically.

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Don't just take our word for it...

Since starting with MMM we have increased our membership by over 30% and MMM has provided clear and excellent analytics to back up our investment in social media and along with our own data confirm a significant return on investment.

I would recommend Molly and her team to anyone that feels their social media is not working for them. Excellent company.

Roland Stanley, Dragon Co-Working

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