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Land Logical

Land Logical is an independently owned and managed company that provides creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions and services for landowners and the construction industry.

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Land Logical
Land Logical
Land Logical

client name

client Goals

Land Logical

Advertise values and services

Manage communications

Create a positive profile

Summary of services

Land Logical enquired to Molly Moodle Media to develop their brand presence online, communicate with their target customers and advertise their projects in Kent and Peterborough which was successfully achieved over the course of the 21 months of social media management.

client request

+ To advertise the core values of Land Logical

+ To advertise the day to day operations of Land Logical, specifically the sites at Kent and Peterborough 

+ To articulate the ecological values of the operations, specifically at the Peterborough site

+ To manage communications regarding the Peterborough site development on social media

+ To highlight the innovation and creativity being applied to the restoration works at Dartford, promoting Land Logical's high standards

+ To create a positive profile for Land Logical as being one that is sensitive and responsive to the local communities being impacted at the nearby sites

results generated

- We started management with 192 followers on the LinkedIn page, and completed management with 2,437 followers. This was an overall increase of 1169.27% (+2245 new followers).

- We also saw an increase in LinkedIn Profile connections from 52 to 2520 connections. This was an overall growth of 4747.15%,  (+2468 new connections). 

- We were very happy with the results from the social media management as we generated an average of 735K impressions, 21K profile visits, 880 mentions and 2,437 new followers on Twitter alone over the course of the social media management. 

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