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What is Social Media Management?

We provide a specialist team to work on your social media accounts and help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Do you need help to bring your brand to life on your social media profiles? Here’s what you need to know!

Social Media Management is the overall management of a businesses social media accounts. To get started on your social media management, we create a Research Report which documents the online behaviours of your competitors, target audience and industry trends. From there, we use the report to assist in building the Strategy Plan for social media management.

Once we have developed the strategy, we will begin organising/sourcing photographs, videos and graphic designs needed to promote your services and start scheduling the content into our social media scheduling software. During this process, we will be writing copy for the social media posts which we will then pass to you to approve to ensure you're satisfied with the information included and the tone of voice.

From there, we can start communicating with neighbouring businesses, your target audience and the various communities online to build the brand presence, grow your following and generate activity on the account during a process called 'Engagement Sessions'.

At the end of each month, you have the option to receive an Analytical Report which details the data generated across the month. This information includes your audience's activity both on social media and the website, the best performing content and suggestions for improvements for the future.

As soon as our first month is finished, we start the process of content sourcing, copywriting, scheduling, engagement sessions and analytical reports all over again for the next month's coverage!

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What our clients say...

Since starting with MMM we have increased our membership by over 30% and MMM has provided clear and excellent analytics to back up our investment in social media and along with our own data confirm a significant return on investment.

I would recommend  Molly and her team to anyone that feels their social media is not working for them. Excellent company.



At a time when I was away from my business I needed someone to take over the social media management, I approached Molly Moodle Media and immediately knew they understood my requirements. They maintained all the posts, kept conversations going with our followers and basically kept the flag flying until I was able to take back the reins. It was the perfect arrangement.



When I initially re- started my floristry business again the world of advertising and promotion had changed. Social media and website optimisation were unknown to me previously.

Molly 'bounced' into my life with a smiling face to help me get to grips with new ways of working. Always happy and helpful but professional to the core. Thank you Molly from Sue Davies Flowers and Garden.